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Cash for Kids- Scottish Bed Making Championship 2015!

The first ever Scottish Bed Making Championship recently took place on Thursday 6th August 2015 in Aberdeen. Usually, the thought of evenly spread duvets and tightly tucked sheets makes people break out into a cold sweat (well, it is hard work), but this typical chore was all for a good cause! The event, sponsored by Northsound radio, was held in aid of the bed appeal from charity Cash for Kids.

The competition saw each team provided with bedding; they were then tasked with making the ultimate bed, both presentable and super comfortable! Basically, it had to be a bed that would make even the most caffeine addled brain sleepy with suggestion! Speed was important too. What do we want SLEEP, when do we want it NOW.

Obviously, the event was great fun. However, it’s important to remember the purpose behind it. The bed appeal from Cash for Kids is a fantastic cause that aims to provide beds for hundreds of children in the North East of Scotland who are sleeping on floors or sharing with siblings and parents. It also helps to buy specialised beds for disabled children throughout the region. Every child deserves a place to feel safe, warm and cared for- a bed can provide this. It’s the ultimate sanctuary that so many of us take for granted.

Here at Holiday Inn Express Aberdeen, we were honoured to take part in such a worthy cause! Despite coming forth, we gave it a pretty good shot! Who knew there were so many good bed makers in Aberdeen? A huge well done to all the teams who participated!

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